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Devona Dickinson Mauer167 viewsOn Nebraska homestead
Jacob and Devona Mauer151 viewsIn Nebraska on homestead windmill, about 1915
Jacob Mauer143 viewsOn Nebraska homestead
Martin and Sadie Cape138 viewsOn Nebraska homestead East of Dalton about 1904
Jacob Mauer and Martin Cape families142 viewsIn Nebraska, about 1926
Robert E Cape165 viewsSchool portrait taken about 1905
Thomas B Winston147 views"Locust Lawn" Chambersburg, Clark Co., Missouri. The brick house was bought by Charles Nelson in 1849 from a Mr. Conway who had just built it. Nelson only lived a few years after moving here from Tennessee, leaving the estate to his daughter Maria Louisa Nelson. She went back to TN and in 1853 married T.B. Winston; the Winstons returned to Missouri in about 1855 and again occupied the brick house.
Captain T.B. Winston is sitting on the front porch of the frame house about 1912.
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